Should You Repair or Replace your Garage Door Panel?

Replace your Garage Door Panel

Replace your Garage Door Panel

Are your panels looking worn out? Should you replace it or should you repair it?

If you have a sectional roll-up garage door installed in your home, you probably are already familiar with its structure. Sectional roll-up doors have at least three (3) hinged panels which can be eventually damaged due to exposure to the weather. Aged doors are also

Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Your Door’s Age

Age is a major factor to consider when it comes to deciding whether or not you should repair or replace your panels. Most doors have a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years. For doors that are less than 10 years old, a simple repair would do. Replacement can only be an option if you are not able to find sellers of used doors who retail garage door parts. Most panels are sold as a set rather than individual pieces.

Also, experts may actually recommend you to look into newer models. New doors offer advanced features that most old doors do not have including new safety and home security features. Pinch-resistant doors, automatic reversing mechanisms, eye sensors, and quality home insulation are just a few examples.

For those who are planning to sell their properties, purchasing a new garage door can help increase its value. It also improves the overall look of your home.

Cause of the Damage

What caused your door’s damage is another factor to consider when deciding whether you should repair or replace your garage door panels.

Minor blemishes like dents, cracks, scratches, rust patches and warps are some of the most common garage door wear and tear damages. Best if you can consult professionals like Canadian Garage Door Repair Calgary to properly inspect the gravity of the issue. If the issue is confined to a single panel, you can simply choose to repair it with paint or wood filler.

If your door’s damage was caused by a car smashing into the unit or acts of nature Damage caused by a hurricane, the damage might have gone beyond one panel. Most likely, the damage lies on the internal workings of your door—something that’s not visible when looking on the outside. It’s highly recommended to have a professional look into this and avoid putting your family at risk.

Cost of the Service

Garage door panel repairs can be costly. Usually, it would depend on the rate of the service you’ll be hiring. Installing a new panel can cost from around $250 – $700. The size of the panel that needs replacing also affects the cost. On the other hand, a replacement can get more expensive and cost about $1000 since it will include supplies and labor costs.

If you’re a bit tight on the budget, you may review your warranty and check for options. Get as many price estimates as you can.

When deciding to repair or replace your garage door panel, you should prioritize your safety. Minor damage, if unattended, can cost you a lot more. Any disturbance in operating your door should be treated as a sign that you need to get it inspected professionally. Don’t use your doors until you confirm it’s functioning accordingly. Using a faulty garage door can put your family at risk.