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Garage Door Sizes: What to Keep in Mind

Naturally, with the increase of garage spaces comes the increase in garage door sizes. Cars and other vehicles get bigger and bigger such as SUVs and trucks requiring wider doors. Fortunately, manufacturers of these garage doors have made sure that they can make room for large-sized vehicles, even when it comes to double-car garages.

Although there are varied sizes of garage doors, each kind of door have specifications to follow. If you cannot locate any standard size with just a single brand, browse for choices from other companies. Keep in mind however that it can help to know something about the different sizes of garage doors before actually buying one. Being clueless about this aspect might lead you to a waste of money, time, and effort. So below are just the right pieces of information you need.

The Golf Cart

Among the most common and popular garage door sizes are the golf cart. This particular door expands for up to 5x7ft, 6x7ft, 5x8ft, and 6x8ft. If you figure that the opening of your garage door is a little small compared with these standard measurements, you can always have a door that is shorter by afoot to three inches allowance. For instance, you can get a door size with a 5x6ft dimension. You can also fit a 7x9ft if you need a six-foot door.

Single Car Door

Another garage door size that you might want to consider and examine is the single-car door garage variation. Typical sizes of single-car garage doors range from 8x7ft, 9x7ft, and 10x7ft dimensions. These standard single-car doors can also come in 8x8ft, 9x8ft, and 10x8ft. This type of garage door is only larger for about a foot compared with the golf cart size door.

Double Car Door

Lastly, there is the double-car garage door that can be bought in standard sizes of 12x7ft, 14x7ft, 16x7ft, 18x7ft, 12x8ft, 14x8ft, 16x8ft, and 18x8ft. When it comes to other standard sizes of garage doors, there are available double garage doors that have shorter height but with a standard width.

Reminders on the Measurement

Surely, there is no available garage door for shorter than seven feet unless you customize it. The reason why most doors have to have the standard size is that less than seven feet is not a practical dimension and the location is also a factor in determining the door type suitable to use. For example, an 18-foot-wide door is not advisable in windy areas.

Some Modifications

It is also important to take note that there are manufacturers who do not offer doors with 7ft and 3in sizes due to the standard configurations of garage doors. And if you are particularly located in Florida and Texas, you will have to comply with the local building codes in these zones.

When Buying Garage Doors

You have to remember that garage door sizes always have the width first such as 18×8, which means 18ft wide and 8ft in height. One important thing to consider in buying garage doors is the measurement of the opening. If you are not sure about the exact size, you can always contact the dealer or manufacturer. Dealers usually conduct free of charge measurements for the size of your garage door.

Other things to consider apart from garage door sizes include the style particularly the thickness of the panels and the kind of material it is made from, whether from aluminum, composite wood, steel, or fiberglass. Among these three main types of garage door materials, steel is considered the most practical and economical choice. Although you can always check out the other types and see if they can meet your personal preferences.

Remember to Pick the Right Size

Now that you know what type and kind you want and from which manufacturer to get it from, you’re ready to look at the size that you need for your garage door. And if you have finally decided to buy the garage door of your choice, make sure to accurately measure the opening width and height. But if you are unsure about the right one, call your garage door dealer and ask for an estimate. Your dealer can do the correct measurements for your garage door size.

Safety and Other Qualities

Before you contact your dealer to give you exact measurements, see to it that you read or at least have some knowledge about the dealer’s garage door types and the benefit you can get from specific types. Familiarize yourself with security features, warranty, and spring mechanism, or better yet, you can solicit recommendations from your relatives and friends. Take note of bonus features such as the smoothness of sliding, disconnection emergency, strength, and other added advantages. These features are equally important with the size of the garage door so make sure you attend to these details.

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