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Of all the garage door repairs we make at Canadian Garage Door Repair Calgary, broken torsion springs tend to be the most requested. These garage door parts are key to the door’s functionality, and when they break, they present a serious safety hazard for all members of an affected household.

Even the sturdiest-looking garage door spring could be on the verge of snapping at any time given several factors. Whether the spring was poorly installed previously or it was made of a less-than-ideal material that cannot adequately handle the constant tension these parts are vulnerable to, the one thing homeowners should avoid is attempting to install springs on their own. Bear in mind that these parts do the heavy lifting when raising or lowering your garage door, so they may get worn down or come close to breaking sooner than you’d think.

Avoid replacing a broken spring on your own

When the garage door spring reaches its breaking point, the result can be a powerfully violent snap that has the potential to cause serious or life-threatening injuries. It’s always a good rule of thumb to call up a garage door company as soon as it seems like your door isn’t functioning correctly, but it’s especially critical that you never attempt to replace or fix an issue with a torsion spring on your own.

Not only are you jeopardizing your safety in the process of the project itself, but you could also be putting your loved ones at risk in the future if the spring isn’t fastened to the door system correctly. Any homeowner can perform the door balance test to see how the springs are holding up, which involves monitoring the even distance on either side of your garage door from the floor at knee length.

Understand when it is time to make the call

The average factory spring will usually have a 10,000-cycle life expectancy, which averages out to three to five years for the average home. Homeowners with a garage are advised to have their garage door inspected by an expert at least annually to make sure that excessive use hasn’t decreased the lifespan of their door. In between these routine check-ups, however, there are some signs to look out for that may indicate your torsion spring has reached the end of its life-cycle.

Excessive squeaking, for example, could mean your garage door is suffering from a few different issues, including a spring that has been stretched beyond its limits. There should be no more than a two-inch gap between coils in the spring, as this could indicate that the piece may be on the verge of snapping, which could have deadly consequences.

Don’t put this repair off

Once your garage door torsion spring breaks, do not at any time attempt to continue using your garage door opener, as you will likely only be compounding the damage. Garage door openers have nylon gears within the motor, and the assembly will quickly grind down to a stub if it is forced to do excessive lifting that is normally taken care of by the garage door opener.

At Canadian Garage Door Repair Calgary., we proudly offer garage door spring repair and installation for the Calgary City and the surrounding area.


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